Monday, June 24, 2013

Curiosity in Polyvore Simplicity

I finally decided to create a separate account for my soon to be polyvore adventures.
Polyvoreusity just came to mind when I think of curiosity in polyvore simplicity. This will be where I'm posting the polyvores of what I want to wear and what would I wear if I am able to own the items and if ever I have the occasions and events to attend to.

I know this will be a virtual world for me,since I seldom go out and socialize,no invitations received either. But I'm interested in good fashion sense...I admit,I don't follow trends but I keep my mind open to such things. I'd like to remain simple and stand out.

I just made a one sweep activity in polyvore where I added items to my collections. They basically show my preference in fashion style....they are mostly flats and classical in nature. ;)

With work and class combined I 'm very hopeful I'd give some time to this project of mine.

I don't have the finances to own any of the items,but if I have the luxury to afford the items on my collection,I'd be wearing just what's in my polyvore creations.

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